Combating Anti-Islam Racism: Germany’s Muslim Community Speaks Up

Germany’s Muslim community is urging a stronger stance against anti-Islam racism, as they continue to face discrimination, hate crimes, and prejudice. The anniversary of the Christchurch mosque attacks serves as a reminder of the potential for hate to turn into violent action.

Aiman Mazyek, the president of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, called for a more determined stand against Islamophobia in society. He urged the German government to take concrete steps to address the issue and reiterated the Muslim community’s demand to appoint a commissioner to combat anti-Islam racism.

Germany has seen a rise in racism and anti-Islam hate in recent years, driven by far-right groups and parties exploiting the refugee crisis to instill fear of immigrants. In 2022, authorities registered at least 272 anti-Islam crimes, including assaults, threatening letters, and arson attacks on mosques.

With a population of over 84 million, Germany has the second-largest Muslim population in Western Europe after France, housing nearly five million Muslims. The call to action by Germany’s Muslim community highlights the urgent need for greater understanding and tolerance within society.

Muslim News Online

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