Empowering Muslim Women: MCB’s Nationwide Celebration of Leadership and Success

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) recently embarked on a week-long journey across the UK to celebrate the achievements and contributions of Muslim women in local communities. The MCB leadership team, led by Secretary-General Zara, hosted several special events, including interactive online sessions and in-person gatherings, to inspire young girls and foster greater inclusivity in various sectors.

A significant event was the NATO Markom International Women’s Day (IWD) 2023, where the MCB Secretary-General was a guest speaker alongside former Prime Minister Theresa May. This unique celebration took place at NATO HQ, focusing on the experiences of Muslim women in leadership and exploring how organizations can foster a more inclusive work environment.

Another noteworthy gathering was the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) British Muslims Afternoon Tea, where MCB Secretary-General Zara and ASG Mariam Hassan met leading women from politics, media, charity, and business sectors. The event featured keynote speeches from distinguished businesswomen in the community, highlighting the progress Muslim women have made across different sectors.

To inspire and connect with young girls, MCB Secretary-General Zara and ASG Mariam Hassan hosted an interactive Q&A session. The online event offered participants the opportunity to ask questions about leadership, challenges, and experiences, addressing topics such as bullying at school and managing social media stress.

In Birmingham, MCB Secretary-General Zara attended an evening event at the Old Bank, hosted by Adla Yaqub, a graduate of the MCB’s Muslim Women in Leadership program. The gathering focused on discussing special needs education, particularly in mosques, and explored ways to provide better support for issues like domestic abuse.

Leicester welcomed the MCB to an International Women’s Day 2023 celebration, hosted by the Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO). The event brought together Muslim women from various sectors, including the city’s first Muslim woman High Sheriff in 1,000 years. Secretary-General Zara encouraged the attendees to continue making a difference in their communities.

Lastly, in Manchester, a special event at Khizra Mosque gathered women from across the city. The second-ever Muslim woman Deputy Mayor Yasmine Dar and Councillor Shazia Butt shared their experiences in overcoming barriers to be elected. The mosque’s youth team member chaired the event, highlighting the institution’s participation in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme.

The MCB remains committed to supporting Muslim women and girls across communities with programs, campaigns, and initiatives that address key issues and foster empowerment. This nationwide celebration of leadership and success is a testament to the MCB’s dedication to inclusivity and progress for Muslim women in the UK.

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