Lebanese Designer Hussein Bazaza Stuns at Dubai Fashion Week

Dubai Fashion Week was recently set ablaze by the vibrant collection of Lebanese designer Hussein Bazaza. Known for his eclectic use of colors and unconventional materials, Bazaza delivered a visual spectacle that captivated the audience. The collection featured a brilliant mix of oversized coats, textured skirts, and an abundance of paillettes, demonstrating the designer’s unique aesthetic.

One of the collection’s standout pieces was an ombre textured weave coat that transitioned from a warm sunset orange to a cool twilight teal. Another eye-catching design was a dusty pink hooded dress that put a fresh spin on the season’s hood trend. The hood, instead of originating from the collar, extended up from the dress’s bodice, showcasing Bazaza’s offbeat approach to fashion.

In an interview with Arab News, Bazaza reflected on his journey in the fashion industry. He launched his professional brand in 2014 and gained recognition in the Arab world through his participation in Fashion Forward Dubai. Bazaza’s signature style is his ability to blend colors, fabrics, and textures while combining haute couture with ready-to-wear elements. This innovative combination has become synonymous with the designer’s name, solidifying his reputation in the fashion world.

Other notable showcases at Dubai Fashion Week’s fourth day included regional label BLSSD, Ivodia London, Francesca Liberatore, and Slimi Studio. Slimi Studio presented a monochromatic collection with white, black, and silver ensembles, featuring oversized jackets and cargo skirts. Francesca Liberatore opted for a more subdued collection, with button-down shirts, workwear-style skirts, pinstripe dresses, and sleepwear-inspired attire adorned with geometric sequins.

As the fashion world continues to buzz about the stunning creations showcased at Dubai Fashion Week, Hussein Bazaza’s collection stands out as a memorable highlight that celebrates the designer’s unique and innovative approach to style.

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