Muslim Woman Shares Encounter with Elderly Man Who Mistook Her Hijab for Penguin Costume

A Muslim woman who works at an aquarium in Sydney has taken to TikTok to share an encounter she had with an elderly man who asked her a rude question about her hijab. Savannah was wearing a black-and-white hijab when the man approached her and asked: “Are you dressed up as a penguin?”. Savannah was taken aback by the question and unsure how to respond, so she jokingly replied: “Yeah, I’m a penguin”. The man later apologized to Savannah and admitted he was wrong to ask her that. Viewers of Savannah’s video were divided on the incident, with some calling the man rude and others suggesting he meant it as an innocent joke. However, many Muslim women who wear black and white hijabs shared similar experiences of being mistaken for Catholic nuns.

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