Preparations Complete for Millions of Pilgrims during Ramadan at Islam’s Holiest Sites

As millions of Muslims from around the world eagerly await the beginning of Ramadan, Saudi Arabia’s two most sacred sites, the Grand Mosque in Makkah and the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, are fully prepared to welcome the influx of worshippers and Umrah pilgrims. This year, Ramadan is expected to commence on Thursday, and it usually marks the peak season for Umrah, the minor pilgrimage undertaken by Muslims in Saudi Arabia.

Abdul Rahman Al Sudais, Chief of the General Presidency for Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques, has assured that all services provided for visitors are well-prepared and in excellent condition. From escalators and elevators to the sound system and technical, engineering, and guidance services, everything is in place to accommodate the large crowds of worshippers.

One of the main concerns during the peak Umrah season is ensuring the comfort and safety of pilgrims. To address this, the rooftop of the Grand Mosque, home to the Holy Kaaba, has been specifically prepared to cope with the anticipated number of visitors. The General Presidency has also completed maintenance on the advanced sound system, as well as the audio and visual transmission of adhan (the Islamic call to prayer) and prayers, which will be broadcast live worldwide throughout Ramadan.

Saudi Arabia has always been a popular destination for Muslims seeking to perform Umrah, especially during Ramadan. This year, the kingdom has gone above and beyond by unveiling a host of new facilities for those wishing to partake in the pilgrimage. Overseas applicants for Umrah permits must have valid visas at the time of registration, and the Saudi government expects the number of pilgrims since the onset of the season last July to reach a staggering 9 million by the end of Ramadan.

These comprehensive preparations demonstrate Saudi Arabia’s commitment to ensuring a smooth and memorable experience for millions of Muslims who visit its holy sites during the blessed month of Ramadan. As the countdown to the holy month begins, the anticipation and excitement among Muslims worldwide grow, knowing that the sacred sites of Islam are well-prepared to welcome them in this spiritual journey.

The combination of improved facilities, a dedicated workforce, and efficient services promises to make this year’s Umrah season a unique and unforgettable experience for all who participate. It is heartening to see Saudi Arabia’s unwavering dedication to providing a seamless pilgrimage experience for millions of Muslims around the globe, further reinforcing the strong bond between Islam’s followers and its holiest sites.

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