Book featuring 100 Muslim women achievers launched in Bengaluru

The Karnataka edition of Rising Beyond The Ceiling (RBTC), a book featuring the stories of 100 Muslim women achievers in India across 15 fields, was launched in Bengaluru last Saturday by Dr Farah Usmani, an international health and development expert. Usmani, who authored the book, said that the RBTC initiative aims to challenge stereotypical notions about Muslim women in India and highlight their significant contribution to nation-building. The book was virtually launched on Karnataka Rajyotsava Day on November 1, 2022.

The RBTC idea struck Usmani while working with the United Nations International Civil Service when she realized that there are over 100 million women who identify as Muslims in India, yet they are often stereotyped and overlooked. Politician Margaret Alva, the chief guest at the book launch event, praised the RBTC as a path-breaking initiative that presents the faces of women who have stepped out to shape their lives and become achievers, adding that their stories must be told and heard.

The RBTC book features women from various fields, including education, sports, civil services, and entrepreneurship. Usmani hopes to launch more editions of the book annually or every two years, in an effort to showcase more Muslim women achievers and break stereotypes about them.

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